The following testimonials, excerpts or paraphrase are from correspondence from users that have or are using Cold Fire® products.

Our independent tests are completed and have provided us with the results seen in your previous demonstrations. We are preparing to substitute the current suppression agent with Cold Fire®® on our firefighting apparatus at the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, as well as the George Washington Bridge. Furthermore, based on the information provided in the Material Safety Data Sheets, we have received approval for our Occupational Health Departments to use this product as recommended by the manufacturer.
Joseph Caiafa – The Port Authority of NY and NJ

Thank you so very much for your willingness to attend our annual fire school and demonstrate Cold Fire®. The participants were extremely impressed with the quick knock down and rapid cooling abilities of this revolutionary product.
Jeff Cooper, Fire Chief, Michelin Tire Manufacturing

We finished our two week breaching school without starting anymore fires. All of the instructors and facilitators debriefed various aspects of the school, including your product, Cold Fire®. The overwhelming sentiment was that we liked using the Cold Fire®. We found it to be very convenient, easy to use, portable, light weight and more than enough for the small fires we started. We have one case of Cold Fire® left which we have placed in our emergency response breaching vehicle and will be deployed on all tactical breaching operations. When we come close to exhausting what we have left, we will definitely place an order for more via your website. Thank you for the opportunity to test and evaluate your product.

Special Enforcement Bureau from one of the larger cities in the country.

In my 27 years of fire fighting, no fire-fighting product has impressed me as much as yours. Cold Fire® lives up to, if not exceeds, all that was advertised. My first experience using Cold Fire® was at a brush fire approximately 100 ft. in diameter. Using my extinguisher with Cold Fire®, I was able to knock the fire and control any further burn until the remainder of our response was on scene. I feel that Cold Fire® will definitely improve our fire fighting and reduce injuries to our members. This is a product that we will be using more and more in the future.
Ronald Schnall, Chief Holbrook Fire Department

We run both our first out Engines with Cold Fire® in the booster tank and it is a great time saver for even the little fires. It saves time in salvage and overhaul operations. With the help of your product we can extinguish sawdust piles and save us many long man-hours in trying to put them out with just water.
James Hinman, Chief Romulus Volunteer Fire Dept.

“I have personally used Cold Fire® and seen it demonstrated numerous times; and I would highly recommend this product to any Fire Department”
Vince Price, Chief Monticello Fire Department

Several weeks ago we volunteered to work a monster truck race in Red Bluff, CA. Grave Digger, the star of the show, exploded into a ball of flames after he made a jump. If it had not been for Cold Fire®, he might have sustained much worse injuries that he did. The promoter of the event, and several thousand spectators seemed amazed at how rapidly we were able to extinguish such a huge alcohol fire. We received a standing ovation as we drove the fire truck back to the staging area. Once again thank you for helping us save lives.
Dan Gerths, Speedway Fire Crew

We placed a 1.25% solution in the water tanks on our five engine companies, so we could see what is would do on active structure fires. The Cold Fire® has been working great. It has been eliminating the usual heat that we encounter which in one case, prevented serious injury, to a person who had to be rescued by ground ladder. We have been using less water on these fires which has kept additional water damage to a minimum and more importantly, fire extension has greatly been reduced.
David A. LaFond, Chief, Holyoke Massachusetts Fire Department

Cold Fire Home Fire Spray is an innovative safety tool designed to instantly cool down hot surfaces and extinguish small fires. It is an excellent tool for all trade applications that use open flames, like welders and plumbers.

Using the same Cold Fire formula in use by fire departments all over the world, these handy 8 and 12 ounce canisters are the perfect size for home use as well. Keep a can in your car, truck, rv, or boat and in your kitchen and garage.

Cold Fire will extinguish class A, B, D & K fires, which means everything from grass to fabrics to gasoline to magnesium to a kitchen grease fire.

Cold Fire Residential Fire Spray has a custom nozzle that puts the exact amount of product to the fire to extinguish it rapidly and safely, with enough force and distance so you don't have to get too close to the fire.

When cooling down hot metals, just a quick squirt will quickly drop the temperature down enough to work with. Below is a clip from the TV show "Truck U" demonstrating how quickly Cold Fire can cool down a hot muffler. Cold Fire has been in use in the racing industry for years, and is growing in popularity.

Cold Fire has an amazing ability to cool metal down 21 times faster than water, without 'shocking' or damaging the metal.

ITS Cooling Comparison Test

Each sample of material was heated to 500° using a hand torch, then sprayed with Cold Fire and water. The third element tested was ambient air.

The copper was heated and sprayed for 29.89 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 27 seconds to reach 87.378F. It took water 4 minutes, 30 seconds to reach 84.624F. It took air 11 minutes and 6 seconds to reach 95.994F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time.

Sheet Metal:
The sheet metal was heated and sprayed for 15.69 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 14 seconds to reach 84.522F. It took water 4 minutes, 50 seconds to reach 84.538F. It took air 9 minutes and 11 seconds to reach 90.872F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time.

Graph Glass:
The glass was heated and sprayed for 23.47 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 31 seconds to reach 84.093F. It took water 2 minutes, 26 seconds to reach 85.821F. Note as the glass cooled after spraying with water the glass cracked.

Graph Steel:
The steel was heated and sprayed for 48.23 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 46 seconds to reach 88.894F. It took water 9 minutes, 17 seconds to reach 89.251F. It took air 8 minutes and 24 seconds to reach 109.25F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time. Note that after the metal was sprayed, the heat went down, then came up in temperature slightly.

Copper Time Temp
Cold Fire 27 sec. 87.378F
Water 4 min, 30 sec. 84.624F
Air 11 min, 6 sec. 95.994F
Sheet Metal Time Temp
Cold Fire 14 sec. 84.522F
Water 4 min, 50 sec. 84.538F
Air 9 min, 11 sec.


Graph Glass Time Temp
Cold Fire 31 sec 84.093F
Water 2 min, 26 sec 85.821F
Graph Steel Time Temp
Cold Fire 46 sec 88.894F
Water 9 min, 17 sec. 89.251F
Air 8 min, 24 sec. 109.25F

Property Safety Homeowner/Family/Pet SafetyEnvironmental Safety

Cold Fire® is an excellent resource to you and your residents in wildfire situations, which we certainly hope does not occur in your neighborhood but it is always best to be prepared. We are interested in sharing the values and benefits of our product with your residents in reducing or preventing fire, water, and/or smoke damage to property, persons/animals, and the environment. Another important feature is that Cold Fire® is also a thermal barrier product, i.e., it provides a barrier from heat such that it can be applied to persons or surfaces and prevent them from burning.

Cold Fire® is available in spray cans for small fires indoors/outdoors as well as extinguishers and 20-100 gallon portable units up to complete outdoor in-ground and whole-house mounted exterior solutions.

Cold Fire® is a wetting-agent and has the following listings and ratings:

  • UL Class A & B listings (2N75) and can also extinguish Class D & K fires
  • NFPA 18 listed (UL 162)
  • Class B foam listed (UL 711)
  • EPA SNAP listed
  • National Forest Service (NFS) and USGS Wildland tested (Missoula)
  • Approved by the NFS to be used within 300 feet of a body of water
  • HMIS rating of 0,0,0
  • Indefinite Shelf-Life

Cold Fire® is a plant based, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable product. It is also non-corrosive and is one of the few, possibly only, fire suppression agents available to extinguish E85 and other bio-fuel fires.

With a surface coating of Cold Fire® in place, the home and land around it will not catch fire.

Please click here to view the MSDS

Fire Block Flame Retardant

Fire Block is an environmentally friendly fire retardant which is used to retard fire development in all Class A materials. It is plant based and non-toxic and contains no PBDE’s or neurotoxins. It is ASTM-approved.

Applications include:

  • Drapes
  • Carpets
  • Bed Spreads
  • Even mix it with latex paint!

It is safe enough that it can be applied while people are present. It does not stain or coat materials but rather absorbs into the material. It will remain effective until it is washed out. Great addition to PM programs-

This product is an excellent choice for application in skilled nursing as well as assisted living facilities.