Coldfire Tactical Tactical teams: for breaches, det cord fires, flash bang fires, great for use with borco torch to cool down metals. Easily carried and light weight. Can be carried on vests so hands are kept free.

Civil Disturbance Units: Enhance Officer Safety. Have your deployed officers equipped with Cold Fire. In the event of a thrown fire bomb they can quickly extinguish the flames keeping themselves and their partners safe. Issue one can to each officer and he will have his own personal fire suppression system.

Quickly put out spot fires and keep visibility. Bomb Squads: Cold Fire will quickly extinguish Class A, B, D and K fires. Including magnesium and ethenol.

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Odor Seal® is an environmentally friendly, odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely and effectively, without the use of masking agents of perfumes.

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Hybrid Vehicle Training- Do you know what to do in an emergency with a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle? Did you know the vehicle could be on and in gear when silent and in neutral? Where are the 300+ volt battery packs and high-voltage cables located? Take our class or webinar to find out what you need to know! Easy 2-page instruction guides for all hybrid/electric vehicles through the 2009 model year also available...

MotorMAX Radiator Treatment- Better Fuel Economy and 11% Fewer Emissions - straight from a recent report by the EPA! MotorMAX is the amazing 'green' solution to high gas prices, toxic emissions and engine wear! Reduces engine temperatures and improves fuel economy for both gas and diesel engines, from cars to tractor trailer rigs!

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The Guardian is a fully self-contained unit ready 24/7 to give home/business owners a way to protect property before an evacuation order comes or fight a fire in areas other larger equipment is unable to reach.

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