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Cold Fire® is a unique fire suppressant product that should be available in all fire emergencies. It gives officers increased protection and better extinguishing capability when dealing with a fire situation before fire personnel can arrive while more importantly providing greatly improved life and burn saving capability to victims. In addition to its unsurpassed extinguishing ability Cold Fire® is also a thermal barrier product, i.e., it provides a barrier from heat such that it can be applied to skin, clothing, or other objects/surfaces and will prevent heat from penetrating the surface. As well as its unique ability to rapidly cool objects and remove heat from a fire.

Why Cold Fire® for police departments?

Cold Fire® is a wetting-agent and has as the following ratings and listings:

Cold Fire® is 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-slip, and non-toxic. It also does not inhibit a fire investigation any more than plain water. It is one of the few, possibly only, fire suppression agents available to extinguish E85 fires as well as other alcohol based fuels and other bio-fuels.

“We finished our two week breaching school without starting anymore fires. All of the instructors and facilitators debriefed various aspects of the school, including your product, Cold Fire. The overwhelming sentiment was that we liked using the Cold Fire. We found it to be very convenient, easy to use, portable, light weight and more than enough for the small fires we started. We have one case of Cold Fire left which we have placed in our emergency response breaching vehicle and will be deployed on all tactical breaching operations. When we come close to exhausting what we have left, we will definitely place an order for more via your website. Thank you for the opportunity to test and evaluate your product.”

Sergeant Donnie Johnson
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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