Cold Fire is a UL-listed non-toxic 'green' fire fighting foam that can extinguish nearly any type of fire, from wood and grass, to gasoline and alcohol. Even rubber tires are no match for Cold Fire!  (view the MSDS)

Cold Fire Extinguishers

1.5 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 2 liter, and 4 liter Extinguishers
(Mounting Brackets for walls and car trunks available)

Cost Analysis

Fire Block

Fire Block is an environmentally-friendly fire retardant which is used to retard fire in all Class A materials, such as drapes, wall hangings, furniture, boxes and packing materials, fabrics and uniforms, even construction materials!


Coldfire Tactical Tactical teams:

Tactical cans: 12oz and 20 oz cans. Molly pouches are available.

For breaches, det cord fires, flash bang fires, great for use with borco torch to cool down metals. Easily carried and light weight. Can be carried on vests so hands are kept free.

Odor Seal®

Odor Seal® is an environmentally friendly, odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely and effectively, without the use of masking agents of perfumes.


The Guardian

The Guardian is a fully self-contained unit ready 24/7 to give home/business owners a way to protect property before an evacuation order comes or fight a fire in areas other larger equipment is unable to reach.


HazClass HazMat:

HazMat Classification Kits

First Responder Safety • Public Safety • Environmental Safety • Best-in-Class and Value Emergency Response

Fire Fli:

Fire Fli- a compact portable Fire Fighting trailer, is a new concept in fire fighting and rescue operations. It can go, or be stored in areas where a fire truck cannot go easily or quickly. It comes fully loaded with fire fighting and rescue tools.

It can be gas or battery operated.


Cold Fire Bulk

Coldfire comes in bulk in these three sizes:

5 gallon pail
55 gallon drum
275 gallon tote


Cold Fire Backpack

Carry 6 liters of Cold Fire easily to combat larger fires. Lightweight, comfortable, simple to use, and can project the life-saving fire suppressant up to 25 feet.

Filled with Cold Fire All Season Blend

Can be used on nearly every type of fire, from wood, plastic and fabric to gas, diesel, alcohol and metals

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