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Why Fire Departments Like Cold Fire

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Cold Fire® is a unique fire suppressant product that should be available in all fire emergencies. Because Cold Fire® absorbs 10 times the BTUs of water and has 6 times the penetrating capability, it allows, for example, a fire fighter to enter and exit a structure much quicker, stay cooler, and to knock down the fire much faster while using 65% less water and no re-igniting. Another important feature, from a safety perspective, is the fact that Cold Fire® is also a thermal barrier product, i.e., it provides a barrier from heat such that it can be applied to skin, clothing, or other objects/surfaces and will prevent heat from penetrating the surface. As well as its unique ability to rapidly cool objects and remove heat from a fire.

Here are the main reasons why many departments are switching exclusively to Cold Fire: Cost Savings!

  1. Cold Fire eliminates your need to carry any other foams as it will extinguish Class A, B, D, & K as well as E85/95 & Alcohol fuels. (cost savings)
    1. Excellent on Wildland fires as well- NFS docs available. Really helps extend your water in remote areas…
    2. Cold Fire has an indefinite shelf-life. Never throw away unused/expired product. (cost savings)
    3. Cold Fire can be batch mixed without any agitation directly in pumper tanks. It can also be used in High Pressure Systems, CAF Systems, and Propacks. It is Non-Corrosive and can be left in your tanks, there is no need to flush out tanks or hoses. (cost, labor, and equipment wear savings)
    4. Cold Fire is completely Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable. It is also Non-Slip. (health & safety benefit)
    5. Cold Fire Removes the Heat from fires very quickly reducing heat exhaustion as well as providing a very unique thermal barrier protection to objects/persons it is applied to helping to prevent burns. It prevents re-ignition when properly applied allowing for faster fire attack and advancement. (health and safety benefit)
    6. Last but not least it is available in a Non-Freezing Blend good to -50 degrees. Great for extinguishers left out or used in the winter time or staff vehicles that might be parked outdoors. (exclusive to Cold Fire)

Cold Fire® is a wetting-agent and has as the following ratings and listings:

  • UL Class A & B listings (2N75) and can also extinguish Class D & K fires
  • NFPA 18 listed (UL 162) NFPA 13- Can be used in Fire Sprinkler Lines
  • Class B foam listed (UL 711)
  • EPA SNAP listed
  • Wildland tested and approved (Missoula)
  • Acceptable by the NFS to be used within 300 feet of a body of water
  • HMIS rating of 0,0,0

“In my 27 years of fire-fighting, no fire-fighting product has impressed me as much as yours. Cold Fire lives up to, if not exceeds, all that was advertised… I feel that Cold Fire will definitely improve our fire-fighting and reduce injuries to our members. This is a product that we will be using more and more in the future.”

Ronald Schnall – Chief, Holbrook Fire Department

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