Odor Seal

Odor Seal® is an environmentally friendly, odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely and effectively, without the use of masking agents of perfumes.


ODOR SEAL® The Safe & Effective Odor Solution!
What is Odor Seal®?
Odor Seal® is an environmentally friendly, odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely and effectively, without the use of masking agents of perfumes.

How does Odor Seal® Work?
Odor Seal® destroys odors naturally by encapsulating the odor producing source, eliminating odor almost immediately.
Is it Safe to use?
Odor Seal® is environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable. Odor Seal® is listed on the SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy) Program Vendor List. It’s USDA-Class C recognized, safe and easy to use and does not stain.

Industrial applications:
sewage treatment, plants, garbage dumpsters, trucks and chutes, restaurants, landfills, public and portable toilets, compost facilities, zoos, kennels, holding tanks, fisheries, rendering plants, etc. Odor Seal® is also an effective degreasing agent. Excellent for use in restaurant grease traps.

How is Odor Seal® Applied?
Odor Seal® can be applied using a pump spray bottle, portable spray unit, power washer, or can be induced into a misting system. Odor Seal® can also be added to wash water when cleaning floors, restroom fixtures, and food processing equipment and counter tops to eliminate odor and degrease the area.

How often do I Reapply Odor Seal®?
Odor Seal® does no dissipate or lose its effectiveness once it is applied. Odor Seal® continuously works to break down and eliminate odor emanating from the odor-producing source. Odor Seal® should be re-applied when a new odor source is introduced, i.e. garbage. Neither rain nor extreme heat will diminish Odor Seal®’s effectiveness.

How is Odor Seal® Sold?
946ml refillable spray bottles, and 20 litre drums for bulk applications.


Odor Seal® is used at varied dilution rates depending on the extent of the odor-producing source. Most common dilution ratio: 1 part Odor Seal® to 5 parts Water. *When diluting, always add water first, then add Odor Seal®.

Containers/Compactors1 to 5Spray Unit
1 to 25Power Washer
Compost Facilities1 to 3Farm Style Sprayer
Transfer Stations1 to 10Misting System
Yard Waste Trucks1 to 3Mounted Spray Unit
Medical Waste/AutoclaveUnits ConcentrateA 208 Litre drums with pump and 20mm hose is recommended. 1 to 1.4 litres per cycle. Product is sprayed onto infectious waste bags\
Sewage Treatment Facilities ConcentrateSpray/mist directly onto source. Breaks down oils and grease which benefits treatment process.
Restaurant Grease TrapsConcentrateUse in grease traps to break down grease and eliminate odor. Use on floors where grease can cause slipping hazard.
Boat Bilges946ml Odor Seal\’ae per 3m vesselDump directly into Bilge
Holding Tanks1 to 5Dump directly into Tank
Garbage Chutes1 to 5Spray directly into chute.
Portable Toilets946ml Odor Seal\’aeDump directly into tank
HV/AC Systems1 to 5Spray directly into unit
Maggots1 to 5 Spray Unit. (Works to dehydrate Maggots)
Fisheries/Seafood1 to 3/ConcentrateHand Held Spray Unit/Power Washer
Rendering Plants1 to 3/ConcentrateHand Held Spray Unit/Power Washer
Zoos/Kennels1 to 4Spray onto odor producing source
Automobile Detailing1 to 5Spray onto odor producing source

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