Cold Fire Solution Calculator


To use the Ratio Calculator below simply enter the size of the water tank or amount of gallons currently in the tank and the percentage mix you want to have and it will tell you how many gallons of Cold Fire to be added to the water tank.

Cold Fire Extinguisher Refill Instructions:

1. Invert or turn the extinguisher upside down and release ALL air pressure in the extinguisher

2. Unscrew the extinguisher handle

3. Pour water into the extinguisher: For 2.5 gal= 2.25 gallons, 1.5 gal= 1.25 gallons, 4 ltr= 3.25 liters, 2 ltr= 1.50 liters

4. If Using Regular Cold Fire Solution: Add 2.5 gal- 4 Cups, 1.5 gal- 3 Cups, 4 ltr= 2 Cups, 2 ltr= 1 Cup

5. *** If Using All-Season Cold Fire: Fill the extinguisher 95% full with All-Season DO NOT add water

6. ***Always make sure to leave about 5% of the space for air to pressurize the unit/s. The above measurements take this into account.

7. Screw the extinguisher top back on just hand tight or slightly tighter with a wrench DO NOT tighten as much as possible with wrench

8. Pressurize the unit

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