Home Fire Protection

Cold Fire Home Fire Spray is an innovative safety tool designed to instantly cool down hot surfaces and extinguish small fires. It is an excellent tool for all trade applications that use open flames, like welders and plumbers.

Using the same Cold Fire formula in use by fire departments all over the world, these handy 8 and 12 ounce canisters are the perfect size for home use as well. Keep a can in your car, truck, rv, or boat and in your kitchen and garage.

Cold Fire will extinguish class A, B, D & K fires, which means everything from grass to fabrics to gasoline to magnesium to a kitchen grease fire.

Cold Fire Residential Fire Spray has a custom nozzle that puts the exact amount of product to the fire to extinguish it rapidly and safely, with enough force and distance so you don’t have to get too close to the fire.

When cooling down hot metals, just a quick squirt will quickly drop the temperature down enough to work with. Below is a clip from the TV show “Truck U” demonstrating how quickly Cold Fire can cool down a hot muffler. Cold Fire has been in use in the racing industry for years, and is growing in popularity.

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