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  • We are all too familiar with the demise of the Halon extinguishing agents due to their effect on the ozone layer.
  • One reads more and more about the consequences of using the variety of fire chemical agents. A recent heightened awareness concerns the potential impact on endangered species. To the dismay of the Forest Service a district judge in October 2005 from Missoula, Montana, wrote in a decision, as a result of a lawsuit, “wildfire retardant drops violate environmental law.” The saga continues. This is further accented by the premise that failure to use the latest “best” technology is in fact grounds for litigation.
  • The FS cautions about the use of foams/retardant near aquatic areas. “Retardant drops should not be made within 300 feet of a waterway” per FS policy.
  • A recent article indicates that scientists have found that the flame retardant polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) is linked to a number of new diseases attacking the dolphin family.
  • Mention has been made of the possible chemical reactions (using certain agents) exposed to extreme fire temperatures forming carcinogenic materials that become airborne. A 2003 study by Labat-Anderson, Inc. quotes, “There are 21 chemical ingredients in products on the Qualified Products List [7/5/ 02J that meet one or more of the criteria of carcinogenicity, low LD50s [lethal dose, or reportability to EPA and/or OSHA. Many of these chemicals are contained in more than one formulation.” It is noted the risk is low but not really quantifiable.
  • Wildfires in high-latitude forests are releasing mercury (300+ tons/year).
  • Arson is a major cause of fires. Firefighting chemicals may mask the evidence. It has been reported the olfactory factors of animals normally used in the investigation are not affected by the use of COLD FIRE®.
  • Brush fires can have an impact on the local economy. In Florida for instance they can take a toll on the tourism industry. Traffic patterns are altered due to the smoke-laden terrain. The mix of smoke with fog aggravates an already dangerous situation. And we all know about the health hazards from the smoke.
  • The firefighters have a tough job and all the best available technology is made available for their safety and job performance.

COLD FIRE® is now another viable tool in the fire technology package

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