Test Program Prior To The QPL

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The following outlines the timing, sources and type of testing done in accordance with regulatory specifications and requirements.

CF successfully passed the performance criteria in all cases.
1993, USTC/Biological Services, eye and dermal irritation, acute oral toxicity, aquatic toxic on rainbow trout, water flea and alga. Per EPA Health Effects Test Guidelines.
1994, UL Inc., Certificate granted 10/1996. Class A & B per NFPA 18, Standard for wetting agents.
1995, UL of Canada. Class A & B certifications.
1996, SGS US Testing Co. Inc., Aluminum and carbon steel corrosion rate evaluation per 49 CFR 173.120.
1996, USGS, acute dermal toxicity study on rabbits, skin sensitization study on Guinea pigs.
1997, SGS, acute inhalation toxicity on test animals (rats).
1998, EPA Significant New Alterative Policy (SNAP) program, acceptable substitute for the Halons.
1998, Intertek Testing Service, thermal surface cool­-down comparisons for metals and glass.
1999, UL of Canada, CF testing for Class D performance.

The Forest Service Classifies the Fire Chemicals as:
Long-Term Fire Retardant
Class A Wildland Fire Foam
Water Enhancers

CF was evaluated as a water enhancer to FS specification 5100-306a (l2/02).
The evaluation program was initiated in May 2003.
CF was approved and initially added to the QPL on April 5, 2005.
It is noted: CF is not a Gel as are the other water enhancers listed.

Testing was done at the Missoula Technology Development Center (MTDC) in Missoula, Montana as well as back-up testing for correlation at the San Dimas facility in California.

The CF concentrate, as well as the recommended field mixture, was evaluated. The outdoor storage consisted of one year subject to a freeze – thaw environment. Many of the test parameters were repeated in order to demonstrate no detrimental effect after long-term storage. Special testing was done by outside labs at Pacific Metallurgical Company, Stillmeadow Inc., U.S. Geological Survey and Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.

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